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CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes

AVAILABLE NOW!!  New CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes recognizes how dentistry is done in the real world. Codes that clearly document a service to a patient and consider the latest clinical advances make for easier coding and faster reimbursement.  Published annually, CDT 2016 contains 19 NEW Codes, 12 Revised Codes and 8 Deleted Codes.  

2016 NDAS Book

2016 NDAS on


The Original National Dental Advisory Service®  

Comprehensive Fee Report - 2016

  • 2016 Updated Fees Based on CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes

  • Compare Your Fees with NDAS 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 95th Percentile Fees
  • Geographic Multipliers for all U.S. 3-digit Zip Code Prefixes
  • Glossary of Dental Benefit Terminology
  • Available in Print (NDAS Comprehensive Fee Report) or CD ROM (NDAS Pricing Program
  • Getting Paid For Your Work: Third Party Collections & 10 Reasons For Not Participating in a dental HMO
  • ADA Recognized Specialties, State Directory of Dental Societies, ADA Recognized Specialties, AIDS/HIV Infection Control Resources, Dental Internet Resource Directory
  • CDT Code Index, CDT Frequently asked Questions and CDT Descriptors and Additional Information 
  • Only $109 for book, $159 for CD ROM  -  100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 2016 NDAS Products - Pre-Order your copy today! 
Determining a fair yet competitive fee for dental procedures is a difficult and time consuming job. Don't price yourself out of the marketplace without knowing what 3rd party payers may allow. The NDAS is excellent for reviewing/designing your fee schedule and negotiating managed care contracts. 

Includes valuable CDT Frequently Asked Questions, ADA Claim Form instructions, Guide to Third Party Collections, State Insurance & Licensing Commissioners, HIPAA checklist, Medical/Dental/Benefit Terminology, State Dental Societies, Specialties and Index of Codes 

Founded by Yale Wasserman, DMD in 1981, the NDAS has helped thousands of dentists compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

NDAS Medical-Dental Coding & Fee Guide 

NDAS Medical-Dental Coding & Fee Guide - 5th Edition

  • Over 1,000 crosswalks between dental (CDT) and medical (CPT®) codes.

  • Exclusive! Updated Medical Fee Information 50th, 75th, 90th percentiles, Medicare rates, and global fee periods.

  • Locate thousands of diagnostic codes (ICD10) that support medical necessity.

  • Medical insurance policies that explain coverage decisions about what dental services or items are reasonable and necessary.

  • Provides details on the indications and limitations of medical necessity and document requirements.

  • Introduction to medical-dental cross coding reimbursement.

  • Can a dentist bill medical insurance? State statutes on the legal basis for the dentist to render services within the scope of his/her license.

  • Updated Dental (CDT) codes with corresponding Medical (CPT) codes and a list of primary diagnostic (ICD9) & (ICD10) codes that support medical necessity.

  • Instructions on how to complete the CMS 1500 Claim form, which will help create a clean claim.

  • Information on reducing coding errors and audit exposure.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 

2015 NDAS Book


Scaling and Root Planing: Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Pack of 50 Brochures  $40.50



Clear staff policies lead to greater job satisfaction, less turnover and higher productivity. Establish your own procedures with this expert manual from the ADA.



Enlighten parents who may not be aware of the problems unique to maintaining children’s oral health.

Pack of 50 Brochures  $45.00


Get the point across to your patients—the first time around—with The Chairside Instructor. This best-selling book filled with expert content from the ADA contains over 225 vivid illustrations and photographs.



CDT 2015: Dental Procedure Codes gives dental staff a resource to code and document services accurately for claim submissions and dental records.



Your dental team is the first line of defense against claims rejection. Give them the tools they need for successful and efficient claims reimbursement with the CDT 2015 Companion. 






Includes both the CDT 2015: Dental Procedure Codes and CDT Companion



Protect the health and safety of your dental team. This essential 1-hour training DVD illustrates OSHA regulations and how to comply.



Pack of 50 Brochures


CrossWalking - A Guide Through the CrossWalk of Dental To Medical Coding


Coding With Confidence: The "Go-To" Dental Insurance Guide



Tooth Extraction: Post-Operative Instructions

Pack of 50 Brochures  $36.00






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